Watch Euro 2016 online abroad!

watch Euro 2016 onlineIn few days we all will be in front of our screens (of different sizes) watching best European national teams fight for Euro 2016 Championship. Since not all of us got cable subscription or will be at home during all games here is short info – How to watch Euro 2016 online! So, you got your phone, tablet or computer. You are working or yo are on holidays and you can not watch football as God wants you to. You got questions…

  • how to watch Euro 2016 online?
  • where can I watch Euro 2016 online?
  • can I watch Euro 2016 free?

We got answers to all your questions!

What do you need to watch Euro 2016 online anywhere on any device?

Our recommendation would be our best VPN & Smart DNS plan. We recommend this particular package as it give you access to all our VPN server and to full version of Smart DNS service. That means access to VPN servers in UK, Germany and Poland (where Euro 2016 online streams are concerned) and others – including French, Dutch, US and Canadian VPN servers.

If you are at work where access to some sites is blocked or abroad and you face geographical restriction simply fire up VPN or activate Smart DNS. Hide your local IP or go around blockade and access the site (any site) you want!

Now, that tis is out of the way lets get to part…

Where to watch Euro games online?

Information below is for those of you who want English, Polish or German commentary.

For English speakers:

You can watch Euro 2016 games via BBC service. The best would probably be BBC iPlayer however BBC broadcast can also be found at and We recommend to test all sources for best picture quality. Also your choice might depend on the device you want to use for watching.

In order to access those UK sites from abroad please connect to one of our UK VPN servers or activate Smart DNS.

Schauen Sie sich Euro 2016 Online im Ausland

If you don’t mind German commentary or you actually want to watch games in German but you are not in Germany please, connect to one of our German VPN servers (included in the package we recommend). With German IP address you will have no problem accessing live broadcasts from ARD.

Please note that Germen VPN servers allow for anonymous torrent traffic!

Jak oglądąć Euro 2016 online po Polsku?

If you don’t mind watching games in Polish, here is how can you access Euro 2016 online streams from Poland. First you got free option. Sources are (Polish equivalent of TVCatchup and TVPlayer) or (this site belongs to Polish national TV).

You need to know, that in Poland only some games (of Polish national team) will be free to watch. Polsat (a commercial broadcaster) has TV rights to all Euro 2016 games. But worry not (if you are willing to spend 99 zl – approx. 22 EURO).

Fire up Polish VPN, go to Ipla Euro 2016 and register for whole package of all Euro 2016 games in HD quality.

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