Free VPN might not always be free

Free VPNPlease be aware of free VPN services. Not all of them are trustworthy. Think twice before you click Download & Install any software claiming to offer you VPN for nothing.

Please remember that only few things come free in life and always there is a price to pay (one way or another) at the end. In case of services like ours (and other similar) we buy servers and service form the biggest and the best data centres in the world (as in wholesale).

 Why we should be careful about free VPN?

We want to offer you only the best VPN (no limit on data transfer on all our servers), the fastest VPN (unmetered speed on all our servers), most secure VPN (your ISP will only see your connection to our VPN server and nothing else. This means you can exchange files over p2p networks without any fear – you will find more details in our Premium section). If you do not pay for servers, data traffic, etc…. than who is and why is he so nice?

Remember that all systems have built in VPN client. This means that there is no need to download any suspicious software to start VPN connection. Just like with our service – see How To section at HideIP VPN (refers to PPTP and L2TP security protocols).

If you want to hide your original IP just enter server name or it IP number, enter your login and password – that is it. If someone asks you to download their VPN client it might mean that VPN is not really free (but about that you will find later on). Sometimes it is just as software that permanently changes home page in your internet browser to direct you with web site with ads (is this free service?) or worse, it is simply spying on you even when you do not use “free connection”. Card numbers, passwords, etc… it all can be worth much more than piece of mind and payable VPN service.

As you remember we also have offered Free VPN accounts (and we hope that we will be able to do so again soon) but we have never asked anyone to download anything!!! You can read reviews all over the internet from our happy customers – using both Premium and Free accounts. Our goal was to share with those people who cannot afford a VPN service but live in countries like China, Iran and others where there is strong internet censorship.

It was and is HideIP VPN bid to make our world a better place.

Below you can find links to just a few sites where you can read or place your own review of our service. We will be grateful for your honest opinions and comments as they help us to provide you with even better service.

Start VPN; My VPN Reviews; Hide IP Tools

Remember using HideIP VPN services equals using safe and open internet.

Thank you for choosing HideIP VPN.